Essential Web Skills Every Modern Entrepreneur Must Have

by Jonha Richman

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Okay here we go.

As you can see, my first post is about Entrepreneurship. The article has four parts. So without further ado, let’s dig in.

Split testing and conversions. According to the author one of the skills an entrepreneur should possess is called “Split testing and conversions”. If you don’t know, “split testing” is a way to improve the metrics(clicks, purchases, completions, etc) of a website by conducting a controlled, randomized experiments. To put it simply, incoming traffic to your website is split into original (control) version and test (new) version without any of the visitors knowing that they are part of an experiment. After measuring the behaviors of the visitors you conclude whether your test (new) version of your website is actually beneficial or not.

(If you have taken Psychology 101, you’ve probably heard of case studies. Split testing is exactly the same concept.)

Further she suggests couple website elements, on which you can try split testing such as color contrast, buttons, font size, white space, modification of titles, headlines, adding quotes, etc.

Managing a blog. Nowadays, creating a blog is a matter of couple of minutes. There are multiple free platforms out there that don’t require any technical skills whatsoever! (e.g. WordPress, Medium, Ghost, etc.).

Tracking metrics. 2007revampNext, she stresses the usage of Google Analytics. As an avid fan of Google products, I completely agree that tracking metrics with Google Analytics is essential, but I think that if you don’t have any prior knowledge on working with data (like me), it’d probably be better to take some online courses on statistics before jumping right into data analytics tools. Trust me. Although, tools like Google Analytics will help you find the most searched keyword or how many people have visited a certain page, if you don’t know how to analyze and study that data, it is highly likely that you’ll just waste your time. However, don’t spend to much time on the concepts, get your hands dirty and actually work on sample data and play with it.

Basic coding for troubleshooting. Here she talks about the importance of having at least “some” programming knowledge if an entrepreneur truly wants to succeed. She says “every entrepreneur should understand the importance of internet”. And she gives a nice data as a support: “we saw a 15 percent increase in online sales over 2014 and another 14 percent increase in 2015. It’s also predicted that online sales will reach half a billion dollars annually by 2020.”

For me the most crucial idea of this paragraph was that hiring programmers is very, very costly and knowing at least some of the programming concepts can save you a whole lot of money:

  1.  The basics of HTTP/DNS and how web hosting works — or at least enough knowledge to pay for hosting and get your site online (I know it sounds complicated, but it is not! As an analogy, think of HTTP/DNS process as placing your items in someone’s storage and whenever you need to take an item or put a new item in it, you gotta ask the owner of the storage. It is a bit more complex than this, but you get the idea)
  2. The basics of WordPress installation and configuration (EZ)
  3. If you plan to sell items online, you should learn the fundamentals of SSL certs (follow the link for more info, in “human” language SSL certs is a technology that keeps online transactions safe)
  4. If you want to customize the design of your site, you’ll also want to learn rudimentary HTML/CSS (I find codeacademy to have the best tutorial on the internet)


To sum up the four skills:

  1. To be able to work on and improve the UX(user experience) of an application
  2. Have your own website and take control of it
  3. Know the importance of data analytics tools and ultimately, use them
  4. Have at least “some” elementary programming knowledge


I think this article does a good job explaining some of the major concepts in the internet world for entrepreneurs, but in my case, the only concept that I didn’t know was SSL certs, so for me… the article wasn’t so naaaaahhhhhhh.