Lemme explain.



  1. For my own benefit. Everyday I stumble upon articles, which I find particularly interesting and somewhat, beneficial for my future. The topics involve Computer Science, Leadership, Communication, etc. Although, I manage to “go over” the articles, after a day or two I have a hard time remembering the key points of the articles and at this point, I realize that I just waste my precious precious time! Thus, I have decided to start this blog, so that whenever I read an article I’ll try my best to summarize it’s content and while doing so, I hope the content will stick in my mind.
  2. To simplify the unnecessary complications. I don’t know if it’s only me or not, but most of the articles I find are complex AF. And most of the time, after reading the first paragraph of the article and realizing that it’s gonna take me an hour or two to fully understand it, I skip the 80-90% of the article and just go over the first and last sentences of each paragraph. So for those who have the same problem as mine, high five brethren and sistren. I loveth thee all! Th’ref’re i shall sacrifice myself f’r thee.


Mostly I’ll try to boldly analyze “adult” articles, delivering the core issue as simple and efficient as possible. The topics will include Computer Science(because it’s my field of interest), Business(because after all, it’s the sh*t everyone has to know about), Entrepreneurship(because I find it captivating to follow one’s dream and at the same time profit from it), and obviously, Healthy lifestyle articles.

How and when?

  1. Expect 2 posts a week, give or take depending on holidays and midterms.
  2. The posts, as you imagine, will probably be unorganized at first, but I’ll do my best to improve. + there’ll be numerous pop-culture references and memes included throughout the posts, so be loyal and appreciate my posts, ’cause they carry the keys to success.



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